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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  July 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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weather. there's a heat advisory this afternoon. arthur, now a tropical storm moving up the coast from florida. will it put a damper on your july fourth fireworks? we'll find out. it's 4:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> if you think you're worried about your weekend plans, imagine the people here at north carolina. a look at the sea shore that could change from calm to chaotic. tropical storm arthur is expected to turn into a hurricane as it moves from the florida coast to the carolinas. let's go to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. for us, this day will be a scorcher. >> it was hot yesterday and humid, too. it is more humid and it's already warmer this morning. we'll be in the middle 90s this afternoon. it will feel like more than 100 degrees at times. looking for relief, the shore will be in the low 80s. lots of sunshine at the shore. 76 at nbc 10. indeed, it is a first alert day. hot, humid conditions will feel
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like 100 plus. late afternoon and evening storms could turn severe with heavy rain and gusty winds. right now 78 degrees at northeast philly. 76 for wilmington, dover, pottstown. a warmer start. it will be a hot and humid day. ìáhp &hc& by lunch time, 90 and humid conditions will likely lead to some storm development late this afternoon. temperatures will top out in the middle 90s. it will feel like more than 100 degrees. look at the future weather when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic. good morning to you. it's a good day to use the air conditioner, if you have it, in your car. 309 is clear, p.a. turnpike is looking good. no big issues for drivers on the new jersey turnpike. this is a live look at route 13 at townsend boulevard. route 1 aquiet this morning, so is interstate 95. that closure still out there on 495.
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on 42 northbound near creek road, we have an active construction zone until about 6:00 this morning. new from overnight, chester police are investigating a shooting that has left five people hurt. nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside the chester police department. katy, what happened? >> reporter: the shooting happened around midnight. we are still sorting out the details. we've reached out to the detectives and police chief who we understand were at the scene. here's video of the scene, the gunfire erupted at the intersection of th and tillman streets around midnight. five people were shot at this single scene, from the bullet casings you see on the ground there were at least eight to ten shots fire. chester police and chester fire responded and blocked off the area for several hours. we are waiting to hear back. i've reached out to the chester police commissioner about the details surrounding the gunfire. i've still not heard back. no arrests have been made. all five people who were injured were taken to crozier chester
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medical center. at this time, we're trying to find out their conditions. five people at a single scene were all shot. detectives are still working out exactly what happened. no arrests have been made. if you have any information, call chester police. reporting live in front of the chester police department, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, police are looking for the gunman who shot two women, happened around 11:30 on north fallon street in north philadelphia. both women were sitting on a front porch when the shooter opened fire. one is in critical condition, the other in stable condition. this morning, police and fire investigators continue looking for the cause of this exploding food truck caught on video that injured a dozen people in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood yesterday. an unbelievable scene. here's a look at the scene after the blast. it happened at wyoming avenue near 3rd street. four people are still in the hospital, two of those, a mother and daughter in critical condition.
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here's a look at the explosion again. this comes from a surveillance camera from a nearby business. unbelievable fireball there, showing the flames and flying debris. the fate of a poe posed cigarette tax to pump needed money into philadelphia schools is in doubt. that word from nbc 10 sources. they tell us that mayor nutter and the city delegation will fight for the tax today. stay lawmakers took the tax out of a measure they plan to vote on later today. happening today, a bucks county synagogue is inviting the commune to the remember the three israeli teens kidnapped and murdered. they will hold a memorial service tonight. body of neftali fraenkel and two others were found on monday. thousands of mourners attended the funeral yesterday for those teens, including israel's president and prime minister. they blame hamas for the boy's deaths and they promise that hamas will pay. more air strikes were carried
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out yesterday on dozens of suspected hamas positions in the gaza strip. 4:35 right now. happening today, the libyan militia leader charged in the benghazi attacks has a detention hearing in washington. a public defender for ahmed abu khattala will there be today. the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, killed u.s. ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans. it happened in 2012 on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. well, there are new concerns about west nile virus in one part of our area. >> the mosquitos are getting bad recently. we'll tell you about that. also, a must-see moment from one airport. problems coming in for a landing. we'll show you the tense touchdown, just ahead. plus -- >> bent the door. >> dramatic rescue. he ben the the door.
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meet the good samaritan that saved that man's life by bending burning metal with his bare hands. the temperatures are coming down right now but you'll notice they are warmer and muggier, too. we'll go through it hour by hour when i come back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> prepare for steam heat today. the temperatures are starting off warmer and they're going to feel like more than 100 degrees at times this afternoon. boat house row actually in the 70s. a little bit pleasant. you'll notice the humidity is higher this morning. the temperatures are close to 10 degrees above where they should be this time of year. normally we'd be in the upper 60s at this hour. 77 in reading and philadelphia, trenton 75 degrees. the place to be will be along the coast where temperatures will be warm but nowhere near the levels of inland. we'll see the low 80s right on the coast. that's a live view from cape may.
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the radar view completely dry this morning. don't expect to see showers and thunderstorms this morning. but this afternoon, this line will be on the move. doesn't look very impressive just yet. temperatures are about the coolest right now. we'll see the heat and humidity help fuel late day storms which could turn severe. neighborhood by neighborhood, upper 80s for the pocono mountains. clouds, sunshine and ç93 degre for allentown, up to 94 in reading. late day showers and thunderstorms possible as temperatures soar into the middle 90s for trenton and mount holly. doylestown, a high of 93 degrees, right along the coastline, it will be in the 80s for atlantic city, cape may, 84 in rehoboth. dover and vineland, into the 90s. showers hold off to the shore points but late this afternoon and into the evening hours, that's when we'll see storms build in the i-95 corridor. 94 degrees this afternoon for wilmington. philadelphia, voorhees, up to 96 degrees today. seven-day forecast to show you when these numbers are coming
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down when i come back. it is 4:39 and jillian mele loves it when we use the "q" word but things are quiet. i know i shouldn't say that. >> what's happening right now. >> if things change, it's your fault, chris cato. i'll hold you to that. no, i'm just kidding. bridges are clear. we are dealing with overnight construction. you can see the signs on route 202 right near route 29 in chester county. the construction out that way is not causing any delays for drivers which is certainly good news. this is the eastbound side of 422, just past route 29. both directions of 422 are clear right now. it's clear the entire length of the way. average speeds 52 miles an hour is what we're seeing on the blue route. 63 on the pennsylvania turnpike. roads like the boulevard, even that's clear right now. we'll take this full screen. you can seat boulevard is very quiet. that's southbound as drivers make their way down to 76. it's a really good time to head out. no accidents to report in new jersey and delaware as well.
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it has taken 236 years but one woman managed to accomplish something that's never before been done in the u.s. navy. >> very cool. also ahead, lost and found. watch the tarp taken off for a reunion that's been more than three decades in the making. and a local mom being beaten inç front of her loyal boy. we have new information overnight about the suspect in this attack.
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clear skies for now. it's going to be a warm one at the shore. with temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. right now in the 70s for cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. there's a potential for strong storms later today. we're tracking tropical storm arthur. the storm is off to the forth and west, could turn severe later today. let's take you to this, happening today at nasa. they're expected to launch this rocket into space. a live picture from vandenberg air base in california.
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that rocket slated to lift off just before 5:00 a.m. it's carrying a satellite that will study carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. that is a replacement for one that had a failed launch five years ago. new information on this woman. bail for harris has been reduced from $35,000 to $20,000. she surrendered to authorities monday night and remains behind bars. harris is the woman seen in the video beating another woman, kicking her in front of the victim's 2-year-old son behind a salem county mcdonald's last week. harris and the victim both work at that mcdonald's. the victim says this is all because she talked about harris's love life. police are trying to determine the cause of this motorcycle accident here that killed a man in northeast philadelphia. that motorcycle collided with a truck. skyforce 10 was over the scene last night on frankfurt avenue. the driver of the truck was not injured. there is a new manager in
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charge of news at the philadelphia inquirer, the "daily news" and this morning. stan wiznowski will report to interstate general media interim publisher jerry lendfest. a woman has risen to the ranks of four star admiral in the u.s. navy for the first time ever. michelle howard has been promoted to the navy'sç highes rank. she will serve as the vice chief of naval operations which makes her the number two admiral in the navy. she graduated in 1982 and became the first african-american woman to command a navy ship in 1999. north korea fired two short-range projectiles into the waters off its east coast this morning. it comes just before china's president visits north korea to talk about the north's nuclear weapons program. former french president
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nicolas sarkozy has been held for questioning in connection with a corruption probe. he's being questioned in an investigation linked to financing for his 2007 presidential campaign. sarkozy denies any wrongdoing. the day after he got back from rehab, toronto mayor rob ford got out on the campaign trail. he appeared at a parade, shaking hands but dodging some hecklers. he went to rehab after admitting he used crack cocaine and was seen in a number of embarrassing videos, giving home mophobic an sexist rants. tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges, some of those could carry the death penalty. investigators say tsarnaev and his brother planted the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the 2013 marathon, killing three people, injuring more than 260.
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his brother died in a shootout with police. prosecutors say tsarnaev can get a fair trial in boston. a former new york city police officer is out of jail this morning after his conviction in a cannibalism plot was overturned. a judge agreed with gilberto's attorneys that his conversations about cannibalizing women were fantasy role play. he's serving home detention as prosecutors appeal that ruling. in çcalifornia, crews are battling a wildfire in the napa valley that's burned more than 2,500 acres. roads are closed and some mandatory evacuations are in place there. at least five buildings have been burned. so far, there are no injuries reported. a good samaritan in minnesota rescued a driver who was locked inside a burning suv. >> the emotional part of it -- it was like 30 seconds, i would have been gone, just like that. >> that guy says he was driving along a highway sunday night when his suv caught fire.
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the fire disabled the locks and power windows. he was trapped inside, smoke was pouring in. a good samaritan bent the car door, cracked the glass and pulled the guy out. >> you risked your life to save me, bob. i'm appreciative. thank you. >> i don't think i did anything different than anybody else would do had they gotten to the car ahead of me. that's just my take. >> i don't know. the good samaritan is actually used to rescues. he's a first sergeant in the air national guard. it wasn't necessarily his training that kicked in, it was his heart. let's take you to this breaking news we're just getting in out of north philadelphia. we have a live picture from the 2300 block of north 20th street. police are telling us that they are investigating a home unvacation on this block. officers say that two masked men went into the home around 3:30 this morning, pistol whipped a man inside that home and ran off after taking cash and several other items from the home. so far, no arrest. we'll keep you posted on what develops here.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a first alert weather day. extreme heat today. it was had the and humid yesterday. it will be hotter and more humid today, into the middle 90s this afternoon. it will feel like more than 100. that heat and humidity may very well fuel late day thunderstorms which could turn severe. we're watching tropical storm arthur which may impact our area for at least part of the fourth of çjuly. 70s right now. we have clear skies in reading, philadelphia and trenton. a warm are start, yes, it's going to be a muggy day to run the steps in front of the art museum. the sunshine will extend temperatures from the 70s to the 90s later on. showers off to the north and west will make progress, we'll see them come our way late this afternoon. this weekend, there's a potential on the fourth of july weekend, we may get rain from arthur. arthur is an intensifying tropical storm now with 60
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mile-an-hour winds, crawling along at the pace of just 4 miles an hour, heading to the north and is expected to impact the carolinas, possibly as a hurricane, a minimal hurricane, as early as early tomorrow that will reach that stage. temperatures into the 90s, that's this afternoon, 93 to 96 degrees. it will feel like 100 to 103 this afternoon. late-day showers and thunderstorms and then tomorrow, heavy rainfall in the area as arthur comes up the coast. we'll see cloudy skies and the rain will be coming down, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. 88 degrees. that's on the 3rd of july. the fourth of july, some of that rainfall will still be around to start with at least. we'll see improving conditions on the fourth and the temperatures take a break. high of 82 degrees friday afternoon. looks like we'll be in the clear for most areas for fireworks an a beautiful weekend, saturday and sunday, sunshine, nice and comfortable with low humidity and temperatures in the 80s. look at this, one spanish
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city is trying to crack down on pollution by automobiles with new parking meters. drivers in madrid have to enter license plate information into the smart meters. it identifies the type of car and pollution level, then sets the parking fee. on average it will cost 20% more for a polluting car to park during rush hour. >> how about that. let's talk about how cars are moving or not moving on the roads early this morning. >> not polluting, hopefully, either. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has a check of çtraffic. >> the cars are moving just fine on all of the major highways. vine street expressway, very quiet. speaking of 95, this is what it looks like near allegheny avenue. typically southbound side starts to get busy around 6:00 in the morning. still too early for any sort of delays out there. we're still not reporting accidents in the area. that is a bit of good news. keep in mind we are dealing with overnight construction, especially on 295, the north and southbound ramps to mt
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those ramps are closed because of that construction and expected to be closed until 6:00 a.m. tracy? we want to remind you about nbc 10's grant challenge called 21st century solutions for nonprofits. there's a $50,000 grant as well as two $25,000 grants. we know there are area chair advertise doing good work. we want to help with that. the deadline is august 8th. go to for more information and to apply. it is pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. a great opportunity to see fabulous art at any price you'd like. on this hot wednesday we should mention they have air conditioning at the museum of art, too. here's a look at some of the events taking place tonight. the s"summer of shakespeare" continues at 6:00 p.m. and how about an ice cold brew to go with your shakespeare?
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you can taste local craft beers from :00 to 8:30. pay what you wish wednesday every wednesday night at the philadelphia museum of art. there are new concerns also, makes a landing that's anything but routine. and lifting the wraps on a lost and found story 33 years in the making.
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clear skies right now. this is a live view from center city. we're in for a lot of sunshine today. that will make for a hotter, more humid day this afternoon. right now 76 degrees here at nbc 10. five minutes before 5:00 right now. philadelphia police released video of an armed robber in action. here's the video. investigators say he pulled out a gun, threatened an employee at a 7-eleven in lawndale last
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week. the clerk emptied the cash register, handed over about 200 bucks. he wasn't hurt. the masked gunman got away. these surveillance pictures show two suspects wanted for robbing a liquor store. the owner and an employee caught the two stealing alcohol but the suspects sprayed them with pepper spray and then got away. pennsylvania's department of environmental protection says a mosquito found in yukeland, chester county tested positive for nile virus. two mosquitos in berks county also tested positive for west nile. casino workers rallied outside a casino in atlantic city. they say workers took a 25% pay cut in 2011 to help with the struggling atlantic city economy. now they want their original pay
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reinstated. we reached out to resorts but at this point they do not have a comment. from our south jersey bureau, this is video you won't see every day. investigators have moved a small plane three days after it crashed in salem county. we showed you this yesterday at 11:00 a.m. yes, that's a helicopter hoisting the plane and moving it there. it brought the plane to a field near the entrance to the state park where the faa will inspect it to find out what went wrong. the single engine plane crashed in a marshy area near çfortmon state park. the pilot and passenger were not seriously injured. meantime, a small plane had to make a crash landing at san antonio international airport yesterday after its landing gear got stuck and wouldn't deploy. the plane landed on its belly after circling the airport for about two hours, trying to drop fuel. the four people on board, including the pilot were not hurt. this morning, nasa plans to launch a satellite that will study atmospheric carbon
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dioxide. the delta ii rocket carrying the satellite will lift off from an air force base in california, scheduled to happen about half an hour from now. the launch was originally planned for yesterday but it was stopped because of a water flow system fail. talk about lost and found. a man in michigan got his corvette back 33 years after it was stolen. this is george tally being reunited with his 1979 vet in detroit. gm helped arrange this after police in mississippi found the car and notified the auto club. tally said he got the surprise of his lifetime when he got the call from aaa. >> they said, did you own a '79 corvette? i said, yes, she said, well, we found it. the vin numbers on the car, someone was trying to duplicate it. that's what they told me. that's how they came up with my name. >> what a sweet ride. it still runs with just 47,000 miles on it.
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whoever had it didn't put much mileage on it. >> and the ka scassette tape in there. that's )q rrñ you're watching n. nbc 10 news today starts right now. >> nbc 10 news starts now. we just got new information in the past 15 minutes on that shooting in chester that left five people injured. we'll tell you what we've learned about the victims. food truck inferno, a propane tank explosion sends a wave of fire to i aphiladelphia neighborhood injuring a dozen people. and surfs up, courtesy of tropical storm arthur. that storm causing thisç rough surf in florida is expected to have an impact on our area as early as tomorrow. but we could see storms as early as today from another source, a live look here at radar showing the wet weather out there in the west that could be hours away from arriving here. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is a first alert weather day. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the steamy weather and
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then the storms on the way. bill? >> you can notice the steamyness already this morning is higher and the temperatures are higher as well. we're at 76 degrees right now. we should be in the 60s this time of year at this hour. that's a clear view of center city. mostly sunshine during the day today. any storms will hold off until late this afternoon and this evening. a first alert day for heat that will feel like 100 plus. possibly up to 103 degrees is what it will feel like today. strong storms, possibly severe weather late this afternoon and this evening. for now, 77 agrees and falling in northeast philadelphia. it's a slow decline this morning. wilmington, philadelphia international, 76 degrees. even in the 70s in the pocono mountains this morning. you will see the humidity stay high. 80 degrees at 8:00. by lunch time we'll be up to 90 and steamyness this afternoon will likely fuel late-day showers and thunderstorms. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when we come back. first, jillian has traffi


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